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"As someone that’s new to weight lifting I’m very thankful for your site. I’ve read several fitness magazines but it's hard to learn exercises just by looking at pictures… your videos are very educational as well as inspiring." -- Mike H.

"I’ve been using the chest routine for two weeks then the back routine for two more just like you said. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in not only my back and chest but also my shoulders and arms." -- Jay

"That glutes, hamstrings, and quads workout is working great! My butt has never been so firm!" -- Kristie

"I really appreciate how you lived up to your word by answering my questions."
-- Jerry

"Awesome job with the website and not to mention you're incredibly gorgeous."
-- Staci

"Thanks for offering the site. I've never heard of protein cycling and look forward to the nutrition information. The week to week schedule changes look quite good and helpful. Thanks for the videos as well - they are quite motivating! ...Your availability to entertain questions from your website is quite a surprise, given what must be thousands of persons interested about fitness programs and advice." -- Randy A.

"I’ve been lifting for the past 3 years and recently came across your site. It seemed like my progress had really slowed down so I realized I needed to makes some changes. After signing up I started following your workout programs, which are a lot more effective then what I use to do and less time consuming. Many of the exercises in you videos are new to me and I’ve been incorporating those into my workouts. After a month I’ve notice more results in strength and size and because your programs take less than an hour I now have more free time." -- Matthew

"David, I really am pleased that you responded to my short email... for I thought... surely, he will not have the time. I know you are a busy man… David, I don't think that I complimented you enough on your site and on your physique. Keep up the good work. You have a beautiful body and I know that you will be a very fine inspiration to many!" -- Richard

"Your site is what I have been needing for a long time. I want to lose about 30lbs of fat and gain back my muscle. I don’t have access to a gym or much time so your Two Dumbbell workout and Ultimate Chest training have been a blessing. I do these workouts 3x a week for about 30 minutes and have already drop 2 pant sizes and can tell a big difference in my upper body, in just two weeks. I’m stronger, looking better, and feeling great all thanks to you."
Your dedicated client,

The new videos are great! David, you are great but I also love learning from the other models you have here. Thanks so much.

I like how I feel and look and have more energy. Thanks for helping me be healthy and stay in shape.

The James Ellis videos are great! Sean too:)

Thanks for providing such an awesome site, with awesome models, awesome workouts, and awesome videos. You’re awesome!

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